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The National Park Service, with its partners, the General Services Administration, District of Columbia, and National Capital Planning Commission, is conducting a planning effort to prepare a long-term vision for the management of Pennsylvania Avenue. This is a follow-up to the National Mall Plan, and is focused on Pennsylvania Avenue as the nation's "Main Street," where inaugural parades, civil rights marches, and state funerals occur; and where nationally significant people and events will be commemorated in the future. The need for the plan is to address current problems and concerns about the management and maintenance of the avenue and its connections to the city, and to better achieve the goals of the 1974 Pennsylvania Avenue Plan. NPS and its partners have developed alternative approaches for providing amenities for visitors, residents, and workers as well as ways to streamline management so that the Avenue can achieve its significance and purpose. See "document list" for information about meetings and documents for review.

For background on Pennsylvania Avenue planning and how it developed as a separate effort from the National Mall Plan, see

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