Tuolumne Meadows Transit and Trail Sign Improvements

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Yosemite has experienced a 40% increase in average daily peak season visitation between 2007 and 2010. Since Tioga Pass is only open a portion of the year, the visitation season is short and intensely busy considering the limited facilities. Dependent upon the weather, the park strives to open Tioga Road by Memorial Day Weekend and keep it open through November. After October 15, there is no roadside parking allowed. Visitor information and programming are typically available from July through the beginning of September. Adequate wayfinding and orientation information in the shoulder seasons is not readily accessible.

This project will design and install eight porcelain wayfinding signs (68" wide x 50" tall) in peeled log frames (88" tall x 108" wide) and complete minor improvements to trailhead and transit areas (delineation and signage). In the most problematic areas, unendorsed parking will also be delineated as "no parking" or blocked through placement of wood and/or rock materials. The project will also remove and/or replace excessive or redundant signage.

The eight porcelain wayfinding signs will be located as follows: (1) to replace the existing sign at the base of the trail leading to the Tuolumne Visitor Center (Photo #1), (2) attached to tent canvas at the Tuolumne Store (Photo #2), (3) east of the Campground Office (Photo #3), (4) near the bathrooms at Lembert Dome (Photo #4), (5) adjacent to Wilderness Office (Photo #5), (6) at the north end of Dog Lake Parking Lot (Photo #6), (7) at the Dog Lake trail crossing on Tioga Road (Photo #7), and (8) at the Tuolumne Lodge Shuttle Stop (Photo #8). Minor trail improvements will be made to an approximate 15 foot section of overgrown trail within the "landscaping island" at the southern end of the Dog Lake Parking Lot.