Wawona Hotel Annex Building Railing Installation

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The pipe rail recommended for the Annex veranda porches balances safety with preservation of a character defining feature and is consistent with the Historic Structures Report (HSR) for the Wawona Complex. Pipe rail is a notable feature used on the stairs as grab rails for the Main and Annex buildings and is documented throughout the HSR.

This project scope involves centering pipe directly above the existing historic wood railing to meet the code required height. The pipe rail will be cut to fit each span (approximately 9' - 10' spacing) and attached with flanges and lag bolts to the existing wood structural posts. The existing rail will not be disturbed with the exception of a centered vertical pipe support between the 3" pipe rail and the existing railing. The pipe rail will be painted white to match the existing rail paint color. The pipe rail is reversible and less intrusive visually than adding to the wood rail to gain the code compliant height.