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Delaware North Company (DNC) will improve linen storage at the Tuolumne Meadows Lodge (TML) to prevent rodent access by installing two temporary linen storage tents with the pre-approved design utilized at the Boystown location. DNC will abandon the use by housekeeping staff of the linen storage shed located within the shower house due to multiple access points for rodent entry and install two canvas linen huts in preselected locations at TML. Huts will match the Curry Village design (12 feet by 14 feet, interior ½ walls, battens, exclusion techniques, no wood stove, 36 inch door entry, open shelving, open stairs, etc.).

Project Background: The linen hut addition is necessary to replace the existing linen storage area located behind the TML shower house with rodent resistant storage areas. It will also improve public health issues related to Hantavirus exposure to visitors and staff. California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and National Park Service (NPS) staff both have noted that linen storage in this area is at risk for rodent contact due to entry points at the door, walls, and roof. The existing storage area would have to be reconstructed with new walls and entry door to keep rodents out. The current storage area back wall is shared with the shower house which complicates reconstruction of the shed. It is preferable to abandon linen storage at this location and use this storage area for maintenance supplies.

Scope of Work:
1. Construct tent with approved 12 by 14 foot print on 9 pier blocks with the minimum height requirements for Invasive Pest Management regulations using exclusion design techniques preapproved by NPS and CDPH.
3. Stairs will be open design per NPS and DNC guidelines and doorway will be outfitted with tight fitting threshold and door stay.
4. Walls will consist of 2 inch by 4 inch studs 16 inches on center and ½ inch plywood from base of tent to top sill. (Same construction as in new Boystown linen tent construction.)
5. Rafters will incorporate high sierra design (i.e, one wood rafter attached to the front wall and door frame then two galvanized metal rafters and a galvanized metal ridge beam).
6. Wood surfaces will be painted green.
7. Canvas tent cover will be excluded per NPS and DNC guidelines, including exterior white batten around top sill perimeter.