Tioga Road Campground Accessibility Improvements

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Project Summary: This project is part of a continuing effort to bring Yosemite's accessible campground quota into compliance. The following four campgrounds along the Tioga Road will be affected:

(1) Tuolumne Meadows: Twelve campsites will be affected (nine restored to original campsite condition and three will remain accessible).
Sites A10, A11, B37, C77, C80, C81, C87, C89, C90 (restore to original condition): In 2010, ten campsites underwent accessibility upgrades that were unsuccessful. Slopes were unsafe and the materials and grading contradicted the Yosemites Design Guidelines. This project will include dismantling the accessibility upgrades at all twelve campsites, restoring the sites to their pre-2010 condition. (The park will ensure that same size-range of vehicles will be able to use the sites as before).
Sites C1, B38, B39 (make accessible): These three sites will be re-worked to meet accessibility requirements while following Yosemite's Design Guidelines for appropriate design in the high country.
(2) Porcupine Flat: four campsites to be made accessible (sites 33, 15, 16, 17).
(3) Tamarack Flat Campground: four campsites to be made accessible: (four of sites 21, 22, 23, 24, 38 will be made accessible).
(4) Crane Flat Campground: four campsites to be made accessible: Sites 423, 427. Fix the existing accessibility upgrades to better meet Yosemite's Design Guidelines for appropriate design in the high country. Both sites will accommodate 35 foot recreational vehicles (RVs) when completed.
Sites 421, 428: Site 421 will be made accessible and will be able to accommodate 35' RVs. It will remain a drive-through site. There is the possibility that after grading, Site 428 will no longer be able to accommodate 27' RVs after accessibility upgrades are made.

Scope of Work:
1) All campsite accessibility upgrades will fit into the existing campsite borders;
2) Campsite areas will not exceed 1.8% sopes;
3) The finished surface of accessible areas and paths of travel to restrooms will be made up of decomposed granite up to 6" thick;
4) Site drainage will follow existing natural drainage patterns. Drainage will not be conveyed through the new sites;
5) Little to no excavation is anticipated. Leveling of surfaces will occur primarily by adding decomposed granite, not by removing native soils;
6) All borders, grading/surfacing, site furnishings will meet the requirements of the Yosemite Design Guidelines;
7) None of the historic roads or campground circulation patterns will be altered.
Timeline: All construction will be conducted during the summer of 2013. Closing of individual campsites will be coordinated with Business and Revenue Management Staff to ensure minimal impacts to visitors.