Hetch Hetchy SAR Cache Installation

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This project proposes the installation of a small outbuilding adjacent to the Hetch Hetchy Ranger Office in which to store emergency medical and search and rescue equipment. The existing location is not secure and has issues with insects and rodents. The current storage location is at the entrance station which is miles away from the ranger station and the O'Shaughnessy Dam; this creates a longer response time for rescue operations.

The new building will provide a dry, sealed environment and shorter response times for Search and Rescue incidents that will ultimately improve patient outcomes. The proposed building consists of prefabricated wood construction similar to that of the "Tuff Shed" product found at hardware stores. The building occupies a footprint of approximately 12 feet x 13 feet and will match the appearance of the adjacent ranger office in both color and architecture. The exact location of the building will be directly off the southern exposure of the ranger office within a few feet. Due to its proximity to the ranger office it will not be necessary to disturb any soil. The entirety of the building's footprint lies on gravel in an area already leveled for the construction of the Ranger office. The building will sit on a prefabricated floor which will rest on pedestals of concrete block.