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This project will remove an existing propane farm centrally located among the lodging units of Boystown and increase the propane capacity of an existing propane farm on the outskirts of Boystown closer to the Curry Village parking area.

Initially, Delaware North Company (DNC) will remove four 250 gallon propane tanks, one vaporizer, and the existing fencing surrounding this equipment. The existing tanks, vaporizer, associated bollards, and fencing are located in the central camp area near the former basketball court. The vaporizer fencing is approximately 7.5' x 6.5'. The propane tank fencing is approximately 11' x 37'. All tanks are above ground on pier blocks and will not require ground disturbance for removal. The vaporizer equipment will be removed and the existing propane system will be capped six inches below surface and abandoned in place. Existing chain link fencing and bollards will be removed requiring minimal ground disturbance as each fence post was buried in concrete at an approximate depth of fourteen inches.

To retain the necessary amount of propane to service the heated tent units, DNC will add one 1,000 gallon propane tank to a secondary Boystown propane tank system located near the apple orchard parking. This propane service area currently has two 1,000 gallon tanks surrounded by a fence. DNC would disassemble the fence, add one 1,000 gallon tank on pier block foundations, and reinstall the fence.

Ground disturbance anticipated for fence expansion is the installation of 6 fence posts to a depth of 14" in concrete. The fence will be 22' wide by 35' long. This area will become the centralized propane storage and distribution area for the Curry Village Boystown tents as it is easily accessible from the parking lot for servicing and refill year round.
Installation will be performed by a contractor specializing in propane services and the work described will meet current code for propane storage and distribution. Work will be performed during low occupancy to reduce impacts to visitor services.