Valley Visitor Center New Trail Information Panels Installation

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Among the most commonly asked questions of visitor center staff are those about trails starting from Yosemite Valley. While park interpreters and volunteers are great sources of information about park hiking trails, many visitors arrive before or after the visitor center hours. Providing detailed hiking information and maps at outside kiosks would allow visitors to plan hiking excursions more effectively and safely. Additionally, visitors who have quick hiking questions would potentially be able to get answers efficiently, without waiting in line in the sometimes crowded visitor center.

This project will entail installing two informational kiosks (each containing three panels) on the pedestrian mall in front of the Yosemite Valley Visitor Center, each with a small roof or shaded top, allowing visitors to study both sides of the panels. These full color panels would be large enough to be studied by several visitors at a time. Each panel would contain a three-dimensional topographic map showing the trail and points of interest along the way.

Installation of the panels will consist of:
• Moving the existing sign from the right side of the Visitor Center door to the left side.
• Installing two new kiosks on the right side. One will take the place of the existing sign, and one will be installed immediately on its left. Each kiosk is 110" long and 96" high. Two 6" by 6" cedar posts comprise the base of each kiosk. Posts will be 84" apart and installed in maximum 36" reinforced with concrete. Each kiosk is made with roughed cedar and cedar shake, and metal components are core-ten steel.
• Using the footprint of the existing sign which was removed in 2005, the new sign would only need two new holes to be dug.