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Welcome to the National Park Service' Planning, Environment and Public Comment website link for the Northeast Region Long Range Transportation Plan!

The Northeast Region (NER) of the National Park Service is in the process of developing our first Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). The NER Transportation Program manages transportation system capital investments, operations, and maintenance for 76 national parks in thirteen states extending from Maine to Virginia.

The 2013 NER Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) has a 20 year horizon and will be a management level document which will create a strategic framework for transportation program investments throughout this great region.

The LRTP will:
• Define existing network conditions and transportation needs for asset management, safety, congestion, and capital improvements.
• Identify sustainable implementation strategies to protect park resources and provide a quality visitor experience, while preserving transportation assets.
• Establish network level goals, objectives and performance measures to improve the effectiveness of NER transportation program investments.
• Clarify the effects of funding decisions on the transportation network in order to better communicate funding needs.

I look forward to hearing your ideas.

Bob Holzheimer
NER Transportation Program Manager

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