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Muir/Strentzel Gravesite Plan

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The Muir/Strentzel gravesite is located approximately one-mile south of the Muir house. The 1.27-acre parcel is surrounded by post WWII-era single-family residences to the north, west and south, and bounded by Alhambra Creek to the southeast. The parcel contains a historic pear orchard and a small family burial area including the gravesite of John Muir.

The original John Muir National Historic Site was established in 1964 and was comprised of the Muir House, the Martinez Adobe, and their surrounding grounds. In 1980, the National Park Service conducted a study to assess the feasibility of adding the gravesite to the John Muir National Historic Site. At that time the 1.27-acre parcel was owned by the Muir-Hanna Family Trust. In 1988, Congress passed legislation to include the Muir/Strentzel gravesite property within the boundary of John Muir National Historic Site. In 1991, the National Park Service completed a General Management Plan for the entire National Historic Site that included a conceptual strategy for managing the gravesite parcel (at that time the property was still owned by the Muir-Hanna Family Trust). In 1993, the American Land Conservancy purchased the property from the Trust with the intent of transferring it to the National Park Service when funds became available. The National Park Service acquired the gravesite property in 2000.

According to its founding legislation, John Muir National Historic Site was established as a public memorial honoring the memory of John Muir for his contributions to the nation in land conservation and for his crusading efforts in advancing the cause of the national parks. The purpose of this plan is to further this legislative charge by providing public access to the Muir/Strentzel Gravesite, John Muir's final resting place and an important part of the National Historic Site which to this day has remained largely inaccessible to the public. In addition to enhancing the realization of the legislated mission of John Muir National Historic Site, the purpose of this plan is to fulfill the broader NPS mission related to the management of natural and cultural resources under its care, and to plan for all of the aforementioned in a manner that respects surrounding landowners who live in close proximity to the Gravesite.

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Gretchen Stromberg, community planner