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This project would replace the floor including finished floor, subfloor, floor joists and other structural members, as well as the underfloor electrical conduit and wiring at the Curry Village Gift Shop. The gift shop is located at the Pavilion complex, which was constructed in 1975 and is a non-historic structure within the Camp Curry Historic District. The gift shop provides essential services to the thousands of visitors who visit Curry Village each year. The existing floor is in poor condition and requires structural intervention for continued use. The gift shop sustains heavy use and the floor has deteriorated in many areas. The electrical system in the gift shop is largely non-code compliant and needs an upgrade.

Preliminary investigation indicates that the existing concrete footings are adequate, indicating that replacement is not necessary. Therefore, there is no ground disturbance expected for this project. During the removal of the floor, inspections will be performed to determine the integrity of the existing supports, posts and joists. Deteriorated or inadequate structural members will be replaced, as necessary. It is anticipated that structural joist replacement will be significant, but cannot be determined until the flooring is removed.

In addition to replacing the floor system, it is necessary to replace the underfloor electrical conduit and wiring at the gift shop, as well as some non-code compliant wall electrical. The emergency exiting signage and emergency lighting would require an upgrade based on discussions with the park fire marshal. Devices will be hardwired as a part of this project. The existing underground electrical is currently being supported on the existing framing and will require removal when the floor is demolished. New electrical conduit and wire will be installed and properly supported on the new floor joists as part of this project.

Delaware North Companies (DNC) is planning an interior store remodel in conjunction with the floor replacement work. The remodel proposes to replace one set of exterior doors with windows that will increase natural light and improve the overall visitor flow within the store. A three foot pony wall within the space is also proposed for removal. The proposed layout, including the removal of one exterior door, has been reviewed by the park fire marshal who has determined it will provide adequate egress for visitors.