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The National Park Service (NPS) would like to inform the public that it intends to prepare an Environmental Assessment (EA) for the proposed transfer of jurisdiction of a portion of NPS land (Reservation 520) to the Department of Housing and Urban and Development (HUD). The site is located 1.3 miles southwest of the town of Bladensburg, Maryland and is bounded by Bladensburg Road to the northwest, Eastern Avenue to the northeast, and Fort Lincoln Drive NE to the southeast within the Fort Lincoln neighborhood in Washington, D.C's northeast quadrant. The site abuts HUD-owned land within the Fort Lincoln Urban Renewal Area. Transfer of this parcel to HUD would allow it to be packaged along with the abutting urban renewal land, for development of 50 townhomes with onsite parking, within Fort Lincoln New Town.

The NPS invites agencies, organizations, and the general public to provide suggestions as to what the "scope" of the planned EA should be. The NPS welcomes input in regards to alternatives to be included, impacts to be analyzed, and other, connected, actions to be addressed. This process will involve multiple means to provide input, including this public meeting, as well as several other methods to solicit input.

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