Tunnel Preservation Project

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The work includes repairing the existing Wawona Tunnel and the three Big Oak Flat Tunnels in an effort to mitigate the spalling of the tunnel linings, correct drainage problems, and fix other minor features of the structures. The detailed work includes:
• power wash all existing concrete tunnel linings,
• repair concrete cracks and spalling problems,
• replace the existing failed interior floor drains by cutting new drains into the concrete road surface,
• replace the trenches at the large tunnel entrances with new drop inlets and cross drains,
• replace adjoining pavement,
• repair and patch concrete floors,
• replace wall drains in existing locations unless missing,
• remove all graffiti,
• clean exterior drains at tunnel entrances
• resurface Wawona tunnel by grinding the top 1/4 inch of the road,
• remove four trees at the end of Wawona Tunnel, three cedars and one fir.