Yosemite Lodge Ecological Restoration

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The purpose of this project is to perform ecological restoration work on the concessioner's land assignment at Yosemite Lodge. The project goal is to make a significant improvement in the general appearance and the ecological health of the environment within the concessioner's (Delaware North Corporation (DNC)) land assignment. Periodic maintenance of the restoration efforts will occur.

Ecological Restoration: The restoration work includes soil de-compaction (outside of archeologically-sensitive areas), removal of dirt roads, collection and spreading of duff in restored areas and transplanting of native plants taken from the immediate area. The restoration work will be performed using hand tools. DNC proposes the use of metal tines pulled by a bobcat to de-compact the area directly south of the 3200 building, between the bike path and building, due to the extent of the compacted soil. This area was previously impacted by the installation of the underground utility system and vehicle traffic. In other areas slated for de-compaction, shovels will be used. Soil disruption of up to six inches will occur in the de-compaction processes. DNC proposes using logs, tangled branches, and rock gathered from Pohono Pit for all barriers. Note: in archeologically-sensitive areas, rock will be placed on the ground surface and not buried. Duff will be gathered locally and spread on restored areas. DNC will adhere to the Yosemite Valley Design Guidelines for information pertinent to the Yosemite Lodge area. DNC will also work with park Resources Management and Science staff to identify possible plants and the best method for transplanting. Where possible, culturally significant plants will be used in re-vegetation.

Project Background: This DNC proposal is to emulate success from the High Sierra Camp ecological restoration efforts

Project Goals:
• Remove unwanted and unsightly dirt roads
• Enhance guests' experience by improving aesthetics
• Provide educational opportunities for guests, concessioner employees, associates and volunteers
• Provide opportunity for park partners, DNC associates and managers to participate in a team building volunteer project
• Increase vegetation on the site

Scope of Work:
• De-compaction of the soil will take place to increase water absorption, decrease run-off and help increase vegetation cover. To achieve these goals, hand tools (such as shovels) and metal tines (on the dirt roads) will be used to de-compact the soil. Soil disruption 6 inches deep will occur with this work. No ground disturbance would occur in archeologically-sensitive areas.
• Remove and restore the dirt roads: The dirt roads within the land assignment will be removed, blocked from further use and restored.
• Volunteers will perform the work. DNC expects to work with Yosemite Conservancy to recruit 10 - 15 volunteers for five days. The volunteers will be supervised by Debora Sanches and Mark Gallagher (DNC).