Tuolumne Bug Camp Internet Satellite Dish Installation

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The Resources Management and Science staff at Bug Camp has no access to the park's internet or email, which is necessary for them to complete their projects and to communicate with their supervisors and other coworkers that are working from other locations. The phone lines are unreliable and no longer adequate to be used for a dial-up connection. In order to remedy the situation, a satellite dish needs to be installed adjacent to the lab/office building.

The dish will be on a pole and installed in a previously disturbed area next to a driveway. An approximately 30 foot long trench will be dug to bury the line that will connect the dish to the nearest building (#3086 - aka the Restoration Shed.) The dish will be somewhat concealed behind some small trees on the north side, but will be exposed and visible on the southern side to allow for clear access to the satellite. The dish will not be visible to the public. The trench will be 18 inches deep and about twelve inches wide, and will cross the driveway, which appears to be made up of gravel material.