Wawona Hotel Complex HVAC and Hot Water System Improvements

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This project will provide a comprehensive upgrade of the heating and water heating systems of the Wawona Hotel Complex, a National Historic Landmark located in Yosemite National Park. The new system will replace the aging heating systems serving the six historic hotel buildings included in the Wawona Historic Hotel Complex (Main Hotel Building, Clark Cottage, Manager's Cottage, Washburn Cottage, Moore Cottage, and the Annex). The purpose of this project is to cost effectively improve the visitor experience as well as the operational efficiency of the historic hotel complex without adverse effects to the historic character of the buildings. Currently, visitors are faced with extreme temperature fluctuations in the system and no ability to modulate control of the heat delivery to their room.

Specifically, this project involves:
• Converting the existing steam heat radiators and baseboard electric heaters in the Hotel Complex to a hot-water "Hydronic" heating system
• Removing the existing boiler (located outside the Annex Building)
• Providing two new hydronic boilers in the Annex Building's boiler room
• Refurbish the cast iron radiators in the Annex Building and the Main Hotel Building to receive hot water
• Remove the assorted steam radiators and baseboard heaters in the Clark, Washburn, Moore and Little White Buildings and replacing them with new flat plate low profile hot water radiators
• Re-plumb the site distribution lines to provide hot water for heat instead of the existing steam heat
Ground disturbance will be required to extend distribution lines to all six buildings from the new Annex boilers. The new distribution system will run in existing trenches in previously disturbed areas.
The design for this project meets the Secretary of the Interiors Standards for Preservation for the Treatment of Historic Properties and is guided by recommendations in the Draft Cultural Landscape Report and Draft Historic Structures Report for the Wawona Hotel Complex.
Consultation with the Park Historical Architect, Historic Preservation Officer, Archaeology, State Historic Preservation Office and traditionally associated American Indian Tribes and groups is on-going and will continue through construction. Selective demolition and subsequent patching of historic finishes will be necessary to route new piping and wiring. Quality control is crucial in order to avoid an adverse effect on this project. NPS historical architects will provide final review of device locations and acceptance of patching methods and finishes.

This project will be implemented over two winter seasons beginning in the winter of 2013.