Mystic Spring, Norris Geyser Basin, Yellowstone NP. Photo by William S Keller, 1978.

NPS Benefits Sharing

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NPS is seeking public and agency input to the development of Director's Order #77-10: NPS Benefits Sharing.

Benefits sharing occurs when NPS receives monetary or non-monetary benefits from the commercial use of a discovery or invention resulting from research originating under an NPS Scientific Research and Collecting Permit, or other permit or authorization. The National Parks Omnibus Management Act of 1998 authorizes NPS benefits sharing. Additional authorities, including authorities on technology transfer and innovation, enable implementation. Yellowstone National Park took the lead in preparing a Final Environmental Impact Statement and, in March 2010, NPS issued a Record of Decision to implement benefits sharing Servicewide. Benefits sharing is a new activity for parks. NPS has not previously issued policy and procedures for benefits sharing or the related topic of technology transfer and innovation.

Director's Order #77-10 defines NPS benefits sharing, lists fundamental benefits-sharing principles, describes basic benefits-sharing procedures, addresses related ethics and confidentiality, assigns responsibilities for administering benefits sharing, and outlines reporting requirements.