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Exit Glacier Road was constructed in 1989 and was not paved until 2001. Resurrection Bridge at MP 7.0 was constructed in 1997 by FHWA. The confluence of Resurrection river and the Exit Glacier drainage has become destabilized in terms of flow patterns and frequency of flood events. The hydrological regime has always been dynamic due to the historical tendencies of a glacial outwash plain, but more recently the flooding has caused deterioration to the road profile, inundated the few culverts that do exist under the road and necessitated the closure of public access for periods of high flow.

The existing Exit Glacier Road between MP 7 and MP 8 is frequently flooded from the Exit Glacier drainage, but this section of the road has not been known to flood previously during the mid summer months. Flooding has occurred periodically until the last couple of years when events have become more of an annual expectation in the fall. The flooding is usually associated with intense storm activity and/or increased melt-off from Exit Glacier. The flooding cause damage to the road and prevent Park users from accessing the Exit Glacier area. This section also is within the delta of the glacially fed braided streams.

WFLHD will provide a short term design solution that should substantially reduce the water depths and flow velocities on the roadway. Approximately 1500' to 2000' of Exit Glacier Road between MP 7.0 (Resurrection River Bridge) and MP 8.0 (Exit Glacier Visitor Contact Station)
-Install barriers on the existing south side of the roadway shoulder
-Place 2 to 3 feet thick layer of riprap in the roadway shoulder and the fore slope
-Place sandbags along the base of barriers in areas that experience deeper flows for maintaining an acceptable maximum water depth of the roadway

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