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Maritime Museum (Aquatic Park Bathhouse) entrance showing existing accessible ramp.

BATHHOUSE - Rehabilitate fountains and construct accessible ramps

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This project will replace an existing, temporary accessible ramp at the main entrance to the Maritime Museum (Bathhouse) Building, and replace a sloped sidewalk at the entrance to the Senior Center area of the same building. A new pair of accessible ramps will be installed at the main entrance, and a concrete site ramp will be constructed at the Senior Center entrance. The project will also restore the historic decorative water fountains adjacent to the main entrance doors.

The project addresses the need to provide equal access to individuals approaching the main entrance from either the east or west sidewalks, thus the inclusion of two ramps. The Senior Center entrance is currently not accessible, and this project will remedy that condition. In addition to the ramps, the entry doors at the ramp locations will be fitted with automatic opening devices.

The main entry ramps will be constructed of a Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite, formed off-site and placed on the existing sidewalk and building steps. These ramps will not be fastened to the sidewalk, steps or building - they will be adhered to the sidewalk with structural sealant, making them removable.

The concept for the main entry ramps is that they appear as a contemporary addition to the building while having little impact to the overall character of the building. The design of ramps evokes the details of the Streamline Moderne Bathhouse building, but is distinctively contemporary. The color of the ramps will be similar in tone to the color of the fountains behind them. Handrails at the main entry will be of un-painted aluminum.

The Senior Center ramp is envisioned as a site element, utilizing concrete and pipe rails similar to existing site elements. As such, it is more utilitarian in design than the main entry ramp.

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