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Dear Friends,

On behalf of the planning team, I am pleased to share with you the Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) for the Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park (NHP) General Management Plan and Environmental Assessment (GMP/EA).

The NPS proposed to adopt a GMP for Paterson Great Falls NHP to establish the overall management direction for the park for the foreseeable future. This is the park's first general management plan and will provide the framework for guiding resource management, visitor experiences, facilities and partnerships. The issues addressed by the GMP include: sustaining the park's fundamental resources; providing for safe, sustainable public access and recreational activities; building new and reinforcing existing partnerships to protect natural and cultural resources; and improving facilities and infrastructure that meets the needs of both visitors and the community.

During preparation of the GMP/EA, the NPS consulted with federal and state agencies, tribes, partners, interested and affected parties, and the general public. The GMP/EA was also circulated for a 60-day public and agency review period from January to March 2016 and three public meetings were held during that time.

The draft GMP/EA presented three alternatives; the NPS did not identify any of the three alternatives as the agency preferred alternative. After release of the draft GMP/EA and upon further review the NPS determined that a select combination of alternatives B and C will best fulfill the park's purpose. The NPS selected action is a modification of Alternative B: Landscape Exploration. The modification provides for a higher level of preservation treatment for the raceway system, historic structures, cultural landscape and views.

This FONSI states what the decision is, provides a summary of the selected action, and discusses the basis for the decision. Attached to this FONSI is the complete description of the selected action; i.e., the approved GMP for Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park (Attachment A). Also attached is a brief description of public involvement and agency consultation (Attachment B); mitigation measures that are incorporated into the selected action (Attachment C); and a non-impairment determination for the selected action (Attachment D).

The full document can be downloaded from the "Document List" link on the left.

This FONSI is available for a 30-day no action period, after which it will be submitted to the NPS Northeast Regional Director for final approval and signature.

Thank you for your continued support and involvement in the general management plan process. I appreciate your time and interest in helping to plan for the future of Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park.


Darren Boch
Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park

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Paterson Great Falls GMP
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