2012 GATE Fire Management Plan

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The National Park Service's Management Policies (2006) and Director's Order 18 – Wildland Fire Management – require that each park area with vegetation capable of sustaining fire develop a plan to manage fire and hazardous fuels on its lands. The Fire Management Plan (FMP) must directly relate to the Natural Resource Management Plan and the Cultural Resource Management Plan, and must help achieve resource management objectives.

Gateway National Recreation Area does not presently have such a plan. In order to comply with NPS policy, Gateway NRA must develop a Fire Management Plan and implement a comprehensive fire management program that protects natural and cultural resources, the public, and employee and park facilities.

In addition to bringing the park into compliance with NPS policy, the preparation of an FMP will allow the park to explore opportunities to use fire as a resource management tool, and to systematically address other issues relating to fire. The development and implementation of the FMP will be coordinated with the public, neighboring land owners, and land management agencies; it will also comply with all applicable laws, policies, and regulations.

Since the park's creation, Gateway NRA has the third highest of occurrence of wildland fire in the National Park Service.

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Tomas Liogys
Assistant Fire Management Officer
Mid-Atlantic Fire Management Area
Gateway National Recreation Area
210 New York Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10305

Phone: 718-354-4551

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