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This project will construct security fencing for key park utility facilities. Specific improvements include perimeter fencing for the El Portal wastewater treatment facility, Wawona wastewater treatment facility, six El Portal well sites and two El Portal water tank sites as well as gate access to the Tuolumne water treatment facility and handrail and fencing at the Tuolumne wastewater treatment facility. Fencing will be composed of 9-gauge galvanized wire with 2" mesh. Fencing shall be either 6 feet or 8 feet tall with one additional foot to install a post-top arm with three strands of barbed wire. Additionally, sites where there is no pre-existing chain link fence will require any new perimeter chain link fence to be black in color, this includes wire fabric, fence posts, horizontal bars, bracing cables, and wire arms. (ie. El Portal Well House #2, #3, #5, El Portal Water Tank #3 and #4); and sites where there is pre-existing standard galvanized fence will require any new improvements to match the standard galvanized appearance (ie. El Portal Wastewater Treatment Plant, Wawona Wastewater Treatment Plant).

To reduce the amount of soil disturbance, the new concrete within the proposed fence perimeter, as shown on the construction drawings, will be omitted from the project and replaced with 3" thick section of 3/4" minus crushed rock placed on top of the native soil. The imported rock shall be obtained from a source certified as "weed-free" by RMS Vegetation Branch. The native soil under the crushed rock will be left untouched - no excavation or compaction of native soil shall be allowed. A representative from the Anthropology Branch shall be present to monitor the site during the installation of the fence posts.