Yosemite Village Replace Electrical Main to Concessionaire General Offices

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The purpose of this project is to permanently replace the underground electrical main line that feeds the Delaware North Corporation (DNC) General Offices from the Yosemite Transportation Service garage area in Yosemite Valley.

The existing 400 amp aluminum line runs from the garage transformer, under Village Drive to feed the DNC General Offices. In April 2011, the General Offices lost electricity to the building because this line failed and is thought to be damaged in the Village Drive road alignment. DNC General Offices were operating on emergency generator power until a temporary overhead line was installed in late May 2011.

Approximately 350 feet of new code compliant 250 amp copper line will be installed in the same location under Village Drive, between the garage transformers and the DNC General Offices. A portion of the line within the General Offices parking area will be installed under the asphalted area. This portion diverges from the original line for a better more sustainable solution. Damaged underground line will be removed to the greatest extent possible, as well as the temporary overhead line that is currently in place.

An energy calculation and limited design for electrical main replacement is currently being developed and will be reviewed by park staff. Close consultation with park High Voltage has and will continue to occur on this project. Park archaeological staff has been consulted on the ground disturbing activities required for this project and are currently reviewing the project.