Artist's rendering of the Huna Tribal House.

Huna Tribal House

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The National Park Service is proposing to construct a 3,500 square foot Tlingit tribal house near Bartlett Cove in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska.

The Tribal House concept was included in the 1997 Comprehensive Design Plan and Environmental Assessment (EA) for Bartlett Cove to provide park visitors with opportunities to learn about Huna Tlingit history and culture through educational and interpretive displays and to strengthen the Huna Tlingit's ongoing connection to their ancestral homeland by providing a venue for cultural events, workshops, and retreats.

The structure would showcase traditional design, construction, decoration and furnishings, as well as use of green-certified local forest products and sustainable utilities. The building and access would cover approximately one acre located along the shore northeast of the Glacier Bay Lodge in Bartlett Cove.

The environmental effects of several alternative designs will be evaluated through an EA process. Potential impacts on Bartlett Cove shorefront habitats, mature spruce/hemlock forest, wildlife, other park visitor activities, park utilities, cultural resources, and adjacent concession operations will be evaluated. The public review EA is planned for release in late 2012. Construction would begin in 2013.

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