Merced Lake High Sierra Camp Ecological Restoration Project

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The purpose of this project is to perform ecological restoration work on Delaware North Corporation's (DNC) Merced Lake High Sierra Camp land assignment. The work will direct foot traffic inside camp as well as increase native vegetation, reduce run-off and dust. There are three parts to this project.
Ecological Restoration includes:
• Soil de-compaction using hand tools with a soil disruption of up to six inches
• Trail delineation using rocks from site
• Collection and spreading of local duff in restored areas
Debris Removal includes:
• Dispose of debris
• Haul materials to Yosemite Valley for recycling or disposal
• Consultation will occur with the branches of Archaeology and History, Architecture and Landscapes in this process to ensure that the materials collected are not historic artifacts.
Replace Hitching Rail includes:
• Existing rail will be replaced with a 10' x 10" diameter round wooden beam with two inch metal strapping to secure the rail to the existing posts.
DNC will consult with the Branch of Archeology and Anthropology for locations to gather rock and duff in order to protect cultural resources. Social trails will be identified with park staff that lead from the west side of camp to Merced Lake that could be removed and restored. The particular trails and methods for removal and restoration will be identified by NPS.