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Public Review Notice — Glen Canyon National Recreation Area Seeks Public Review of the Environmental Assessment for Lees Ferry Road Rehabilitation and Paria River Bank Stabilization

The National Park Service is making available for public review and comment an environmental assessment for the rehabilitation of Lees Ferry Road and the stabilization of the Paria River bridge. The environmental assessment evaluates two alternatives. Under the no action alternative, the road would not be rehabilitated and the bridge would not be protected. Glen Canyon National Recreation Area would continue routine road and bridge maintenance and minor repairs as it has in the past. The preferred alternative would include the rehabilitation of six miles of Lees Ferry Road within the park, the stabilization of bridge supports and adjacent river banks at the Paria River bridge, and stabilization of sections of riverbank that are undermining the Lonely Dell Access Road.

The proposed project is being considered to address deficiencies in the width of the road, the surface condition of the road, damaged stormwater culverts, and other road safety concerns. The current pavement is aged in many locations, which has led to surface cracks, rutting, buckling, and unraveling of the pavement edge. Curve widening is proposed to enhance visitor and road safety on this popular road. Pullouts along Lees Ferry Road would be improved to better accommodate visitor use at popular features. Unofficial pullouts would either be removed or upgraded. Stormwater culverts under Lees Ferry Road have been damaged by years of use and would be repaired or replaced. Segments of the channel banks at Cathedral Wash and No Name Wash along Lees Ferry Road would be stabilized to protect the roadbed from present and future erosion by storm runoff.

The banks of the Paria River just upstream of the Lees Ferry Road bridge are eroding and endangering the safety and stability of the bridge. This erosion endangers the support abutments and pier of the bridge across the river as well as the adjacent Lonely Dell Access Road, which provides access to the Lonely Dell Ranch National Historic District. The proposed action would stabilize the river banks and would employ mitigation measures to minimize erosion near the bridge and along the west bank of the Paria River downstream of the Lonely Dell Access Road.

Because public participation is very important to the success of the project, the National Park Service encourages your review and comment on the environmental assessment. The environmental assessment will be on public review for 30 days, with comments accepted through August 16, 2012. The document is available electronically for review and comment online by visiting

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