Camp 6 Restoration Fence Replacement

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This project will replace approximately 6,760 feet of fencing and barriers at Camp Six with a uniform style of split rail fencing that would be more visually pleasing and better protect park resources. The construction staging area in Camp Six will be removed. This area will then be available for parking. Sections of the parking area will need to be temporarily closed during construction.
The fences to be replaced will include:
• 1,620 linear feet of pedestrian fences;
• 4,110 linear feet vehicle/pedestrian fence;
• 2,040 linear feet of vehicle barriers.
The park Vegetation and Ecological Restoration branch may determine an additional 640 feet of vehicle/pedestrian fencing is necessary depending on condition of fencing encountered during replacement.
The new fences will be consistent with the Yosemite Design Guidelines. Wherever possible the old post holes will be reused for the new fencing. Larger timbers needed for erecting vehicle barriers will be sourced from trees removed by the park hazard tree and fire programs.