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The purpose of this project is to renovate the restrooms on the first floor of the Wawona Hotel to be more accessibly compliant and more in keeping with the historic finishes and furnishings found elsewhere in the hotel. In order to make the restrooms accessible the interior fixtures and partitions in both bathrooms need to be reconfigured without altering the historic wall layout. This reconfiguration will result in one less fixture in the men's restroom, giving it the same number of fixtures as the women's restroom. An automatic door opener will be installed in the men's restroom. One non-historic wall will be removed from the women's restroom as part of the reconfiguration to make the facility accessible.
The treatment strategy is in accordance with the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation. As much as possible, materials and fixtures that resemble those that may have been used between 1918 and 1960 will be selected. Existing tile, fixtures, and partitions will be removed. Although some of the fixtures may be older, the restrooms generally reflect the known remodeling in the early 1980s. If information about original finishes and fixtures is revealed during demolition or with development of the Historic Structure Report, fixtures and finishes may be re-evaluated. To that the park historic architect and the Historic Preservation Officer should be regularly apprised of findings at the site.
Materials, finishes, and fixtures:
• The floor finish will be a white, one to one-and-a-half inch hexagonal tile with approximately six-inch by six-inch "rosettes" in black at 36 inch intervals, darker grout (Delorean gray or approved equal color), with a mortar additive integrated sealant such as Groutboost or an approved equal. Other acceptable options are: 1) the Custom Building line of grout with tiny glass beads rather than sand which is supposed to resist staining a little better, and 2) epoxy grout which is typically only used in commercial kitchens and such.
• Walls will be surfaced with moisture resistant gypsum boards with a semi-gloss paint on approved primer.
• Wood baseboards with a cap will match existing baseboards found elsewhere in the main hotel building.
• Toilet partitions and door assemblies are to be bead-board.
• Fixtures, faucets, door hardware, lighting, mirrors, and equipment, including paper towel dispensers and changing tables will be selected by park historic architect.
• A chair rail/picture rail may be installed at the height of the railing in the lobby, with dimensions and profile to match the rail in the lobby.