Ahwahnee Rehabilitate Historic Light Fixtures

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This project will address the immediate safety concerns related to the original light fixtures in The Ahwahnee hotel during phase 1 and minor conditions during phase 2. The recent lighting condition assessment of the original light fixtures has concluded that there are seismic and electrical safety issues that should be immediately addressed.
The 24 fixtures that received a rating of 5 in the condition assessment are not anchored to meet seismic safety codes and the 111 fixtures that received a rating of 4 have some electrical concerns that require urgent action. These fixtures rated with these two concern levels require immediate attention and will be addressed in the phase of this project. The remaining fixtures rated 1, 2, and 3 will be addressed in the second phase of the project.
Work will be conducted by a qualified lighting technician with expertise in historic light fixtures and electrical safety in accordance with the guidance provided in the condition assessment. The original lighting manufacturer is still in business and has been consulted on the scope of work. Consultation with History, Architecture and Landscape will occur throughout the duration of this project.
The original light fixtures at the Ahwahnee are character defining features of the National Historic Landmark. Ensuring that these fixtures are in good condition is essential to the protection of the historic integrity of the facility, and to the safety of guests and employees of the Ahwahnee.