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Cultural Resource Management Plan

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Isle Royale National Park is continuing work on the Cultural Resources Management Plan (CRMP). Check back often for updates and documents for review.

The draft CRMP proposes a long-term comprehensive strategy for managing the park's cultural resources outside of wilderness. If implemented, it will: (1) ensure consistent and appropriate identification, (2) inform preservation treatment, and (3) guide future public use and interpretation of these resources. This plan will provide specific guidance and set priorities for the management of these cultural resources.

The CRMP was originally devised as an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and planning has been conducted concurrently with efforts on the Park's Wilderness Stewardship Plan Supplemental EIS (WSP/SEIS). During the combined effort it became clear there was overlap in the planning processes, specifically associated with the evaluation of treatments and uses of historic structures and landscapes in potential and designated wilderness. The NPS has determined that the evaluation of the alternatives for actions associated with historic structures in proposed and designated wilderness will occur in the WSP/SEIS. Historic structures in wilderness are not addressed in the CRMP. After reviewing the remaining actions in the CRMP and the associated impacts, NPS has determined that the actions to be evaluated in the CRMP have no potential for significant impacts. Therefore, the park will be completing an environmental assessment (EA) for the CRMP rather than an EIS as originally proposed. This change from an EIS to an EA for the CRMP does not alter the NPS Section 106 consultation process or the opportunity to participate in the planning processes for either document.

The draft CRMP/EA addresses the general management, preservation, public use, and interpretation of cultural resources, and presents a long-term comprehensive strategy for managing the nonwilderness cultural resources of the park. The document provides specific guidance and sets priorities for the management of cultural resources within nonwilderness areas.

Isle Royale's cultural resources reflect 4500 years of human endeavor and include: prehistoric mining and occupation sites, American Indian and Euro-American historic mining and fishery sites, lighthouses, shipwrecks, and historic resorts and summer homes. They demonstrate a complex interaction of people and the role they played in shaping the human and physical landscapes on Isle Royale. Presently, the National Park Service manages its cultural resources according to directives defined in the Park's General Management Plan/Environmental Impact Statement (GMP/EIS 1998) without specific guidance for a number of cultural resource themes and topics. The proposed CRMP/EA seeks to define sustainable management practices for all significant cultural resources found in nonwilderness areas on Isle Royale, including archeological sites, cultural landscapes, historic structures, ethnographic resources, and museum objects.

Primary Contacts for CRMP:

Liz Valencia: Manager, Interpretation and Cultural Resources
Isle Royale National Park
800 East Lakeshore Drive
Houghton, MI 49931-1895

Seth DePasqual: Cultural Resource Manager, NEPA Specialist
Isle Royale National Park
800 East Lakeshore Drive
Houghton, MI 49931-1895
906.487.7146 (Houghton)
906.487.7170 (fax)