Ahwahnee - Provide Secondary Egress from Mezzanine, 5th and 6th Floors

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This project would comply with fire and life-safety code standards. This project would provide a second means of fire egress from the mezzanine, fifth, and sixth floors of The Ahwahnee hotel. Public assembly would be allowed to continue in the south Mezzanine rooms after egress upgrades. Contractors will adhere to the crafted cut-and-patch specifications developed by NPS Historical Architects.

This project will entail the following elements:
6th Floor to 4th Floor Actions:

• Build open interior stairway between the fifth and sixth floors by reconfiguring interior areas of rooms 607 and 502.
• Construct an exit-way corridor within the fifth floor attic to connect stair extension to an existing hallway by modifying an existing closet.
• Extend the existing three foot wide south wing exit stair from the fourth floor to connect with the new fifth floor attic exit-way corridor. The floor plan of guestroom 439 will be modified to create space for the extension.
• Widen opening in existing roof to accommodate a new exit stair on the fourth floor. A heat trace will be installed or a maintenance protocol will be developed to keep the exit stairway clear during the winter.
• Install fire rated doors on hold openers in the second floor corridor to create fire rated vestibule leading to the exterior fire escape door.
• Install a fire rated door at guestroom 236 and convert a hallway storage room into a closet for room 239 in order to provide a two-hour fire break.

Mezzanine Actions:

• Install a secondary exit door from the South Mezzanine via the Tresidder Room.
• Modify the existing granite veneered concrete façade at the exterior of the building to accommodate a new exterior door at the mid-landing of the exterior stair.
• Install a concrete beam to structurally support the door frame.
• Demolish the exterior stone in an area of approximately 4 feet wide by 13 feet tall.
• Reinstall the granite veneer on the building's exterior to match the existing veneer after door installation. The interior exit door and door frame would be located on the north wall of the Tresidder Room.
• Flip the swing of the non-historic, existing pair of interior French entry doors by modifying hardware to swing into the Tresidder Room from the Tudor Lounge to follow the egress route.

Park Historical Architect will provide quality assurance/quality control oversight of all actions taken on historic finishes throughout this project. The project will be executed in accordance to the programmatic agreement developed with the State Historic Preservation Office for the Ahwahnee Comprehensive Rehabilitation Plan.