Tuolumne Meadows Concessionaire Stables Fence Modification

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This project will correct drainage deficiencies at the Tuolumne Meadows Concessionaire Stables. Specifically, it will prevent manure contaminated water from the concessionaire stables from entering the Tuolumne River during severe summer thunderstorms.
The following actions will occur:
• The water trough will be relocated to the side of the barn to prevent animals from congregating in the drainage area.
• The fence line with be moved inward and a permeable, 207 foot long, retaining wall will be built along the east side of the corral.
• Gabions will be constructed in this wall to allow water during significant rain events to drain more gradually, permitting better percolation into the soils.
After the completion of this construction work, revegetation or landscape treatment work will be performed in the drainage area below the stables by a Yosemite Conservancy crew under consultation with park resources staff following the model successfully used at the High Sierra Camps.