Badger Pass Ranger Station Shed Replacement

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This project will replace the existing 10 foot by 15 foot shed at the Badger Pass Ranger Station with a new 14 foot by 24 foot structure. The current shed is used by both the Visitor Protection and Facilities Management Divisions for storage and workspace. The present shed is over utilized for storage. Items that cannot be kept within the existing shed are stored outside in the space immediately adjacent to the shed in the parking lot for the Badger Pass Ranger Station. Facilities Management uses the shed as the location of an emergency power generator for the Badger Pass lift station. Presently this generator must be kept at Wawona and is brought to Badger Pass only during power failures, resulting in a delay in providing emergency power to the lift station. This project will:
• Provide for enough storage and workspace to accommodate the operations of both divisions inside the structure, removing the need for outside storage.
• Create a permanent storage place for the lift station emergency generator. By allowing the emergency generator to be stored at Badger Pass, this project will allow more rapid response to the power loss situations at Badger Pass.
• The new shed will be certified to withstand snow loads at Badger Pass.
• The footprint of both the existing and new shed structure will reside on top of an existing asphalt parking lot. Placement of the new structure may require minimal cutting into existing asphalt to place pier blocks or pour footers. Existing power and gas lines will be used.
• The park Historical Architect will be consulted on the design and color of the new structure.
• Cost of both purchase and installation of the new shed will be shared by both the Facilities Management and Protection Divisions.