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This project is designed to provide a structurally sound kitchen floor and substructure for approximately ten years. This project would structurally strengthen and stabilize portions of the kitchen floor at The Ahwahnee. Significant portions of the kitchen floor are failing and require stabilization from below. Similar stabilization measures were taken in the late 1990's and now adjacent areas are beginning to fail. The tile floor in the kitchen has become buckled and uneven and cannot support the food and beverage operations. It is estimated that two locations are in need of stabilization, the larger being approximately 200 square feet and the smaller approximately 60 square feet in area. This project will address the immediate need to stabilize prior to implementing the entire kitchen rehabilitation.
• Remove kitchen equipment as needed from and adjacent to areas subject to floor stabilization
• Stabilize the kitchen floor with temporary bracing from below
• Remove damaged substructure from below and floor tile and water proofing from above
• Install concrete footings under deteriorated areas or other recommended solution
• Construct new substructure as per plans from below
• Level floor from below and install new tile from above
• Remove temporary bracing
• Replace equipment
• Re-open Kitchen for operation
Consultation with the park Historical Architect has occurred and will continue throughout the duration of the project.
A structural engineer with at least five years of historical preservation specialization will be retained to assess the deterioration of the kitchen floor more thoroughly and recommend viable stabilization solutions where necessary and that are sensitive to the historic resource. The structural engineer will develop Construction Drawings for the preferred stabilization solution. The final design product will be stamped structural and architectural drawings and specifications for use in bidding the work to qualified construction Contractors.
Ground disturbance will be limited to previously disturbed areas under the building, if footings are the recommended solution.