Crane Flat, Improve Forest & Meadow Habitat

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This project proposes to:
• Remove 2500 feet of asphalt on the portion of railroad grade located between the Tuolumne Grove road and the Big Oak Flat road.
• Restore 400 feet of wetland habitat in Crane Flat Meadow by removing fill material from the portion of the railroad grade that bisects wet meadow habitat.
• The California Department of Water Resources weather station that is located on the railroad grade will be removed during the soil removal and replaced in the same location.
The project will remove the approximately 1000 cubic yards of imported fill material that was used to establish the grade through the wet meadow, remove the culverts that drained this section, and then be re-contoured to original topography. The project will remove approximately 350 cubic yards of asphalt along the length of the proposed section of railroad grade. This will be accomplished with the use of manual labor and earth moving equipment such as an excavator, skid steer loader, back hoe and wheeled loader. A staging area for the fill and asphalt will be located on the railroad grade adjacent to the "overflow Tuolumne Grove dirt parking area," see map. This material will be removed by the fall of 2011 to a location outside the park. The staging area will not impact overflow visitor parking for the Tuolumne Grove. The project is not located in designated or proposed wilderness. Wetland delineation will be completed in September 2010 and associated permitted will be processed in the following months.