Tuolumne Meadows Campground Accessibility Improvements

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This Tuolumne Meadows campground project will correct accessibility deficiencies at 12 non-accessible campsites as outlined in Yosemite's Self Evaluation and Transition Plan. Sites to be improved include A10, A11, B37-39, C1, C77, C80-81, C87, C89-90. The existing sites have been selected by a team of subject matter experts to ensure minimum grading and construction impact. None of the sites are located within the known archeological sites. Additionally, the sites are away from the river bank and provide a variety of different camping experiences for users. Site work includes:

1. Improvements will be fitted into the existing campsite border or impacted area.
2. The finished surface of campsite areas will be made up of decomposed granite 6" thick.
3. Campsite border will be pressure treated 6x6 wood. The wood will be brown and unpainted.
4. Campsite borders will have drainage slots for rain run off.
5. 25% of improved campsites will have a raised tent pad that is 12' by 12' and between 17" and 19" in height. Pads will be constructed with 6x6 pressure treated brown wood.
6. An accessible parking space will be provided in the existing parking spur for each site. The parking spaces will range from 16' (van accessible space) to 20' (RV space) in width and will be between 20' and 30' in length.
7. Parking spaces will be 6" GraniteCrete or similar cement or polymer based soil hardening product. GranitCrete surfaces have the look and feel of a crushed organic surface, but bare the near strength and erosion control of professionally installed concrete. They are porous, addressing storm-water and heat island environmental concerns and yielding high LEED® points in up to three categories of the LEED® rating system.
8. Earthwork operations will be minimized. Soil generated from campsite and pad installation may be used where fill and catch-slope grading is required. Fill shall be compacted in 4" lifts.
9. All excess material and debris will be removed from the park.
10. The fire grill concrete foundation size will be 2' wide by 16" deep by 8" high.
11. The table will have a tie down concrete footing that is 8" in diameter and 16" deep with a ¼" chain 6' long.
12. The bear box will have concrete footings pads that are 37" wide by 12" deep by 4" thick with two 1/2" bolts.
13. Two concrete wheel stops will be place at the back of each accessible parking space.
14. Concrete will be colored to match existing surroundings.