Yosemite Village Post Office Exterior Restoration

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This project will restore the exterior of the 1925 Village Post Office which will include removal of approximately 3200 square feet of artificial siding added to the upper level exterior walls in the 1950s. The wood shake siding on the upper level walls will be restored and the stone veneer on the lower level exterior will be stabilized as well as painting and staining of exterior surfaces. All work will be guided by the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.
The park Safety Officer confirmed that the material to be removed is non-friable and contains very low levels of asbestos; the possibility of exposure is very remote when removed without breaking and using wet methods in containment. The park Safety Officer approved the concept of the project being undertaken using day labor with proper safety precautions. The park Safety Officer made specific recommendations for the removal method and protection practices that are detailed in the Safety Plan provided as part of this approval package.

The non-friable asbestos containing transite siding will be moistened with water to eliminate dust prior to the removal of the fasteners that will release the tiles from the wall without breaking them.

The removed siding tiles will be placed directly into 6mil disposal bags before being placed into the containment dumpster and burrito wrapped for transportation to the disposal site.

The replacement shakes will be fire treated as requested by Yosemite's park Fire Marshal.

All removal work will be done in a containment area built around the platform of the boom lift or scaffolding.

A 500 square foot staging area for the disposal dumpster and material will be required. A suitable area in the parking lot behind the Post Office has been identified and approved by the Postmaster. Informational signage will be posted on site for the public to learn about the project and cautionary signage will be placed on temporary fencing around the day's work area to exclude pedestrian traffic from active areas. Exclusion zones will only be in effect during work hours.
Planning this project required consulting individuals and offices that are responsible for the management, maintenance, occupation and safety of the post office building. The project will not start until after Labor Day when visitation will be declining. There will always be access to the lobby through more than one of the four available doors.