Wawona Hotel, Replace Outdoor Refrigeration Unit

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The concessioner proposes to replace the Wawona Hotel's outdoor walk-in refrigerator with a new, dual purpose refrigerator/freezer. The existing unit is located at the entrance to the dining-room kitchen from the back dock on the west side of the main hotel. The existing unit is approximately 25-feet-long by10-feet-high and stands on concrete posts. It is shielded from view with a lattice fence and a tree. The proposed new refrigeration/freezer is 28-feet-long, 8-feet-wide, and 7.7-feet-high. It would be placed in the same location on concrete footings.

Justification: The Wawona Hotel lacks walk-in freezer space, making it difficult to provide efficient food and beverage operations. The new unit, while slightly longer, is more energy efficient, quieter, and meets operational needs more fully.

Special Considerations: The Wawona Hotel is part of a cultural landscape, and the historic character of the landscape should be maintained. While the outdoor refrigeration unit detracts from the historic setting, replacing it with a new unit would not result in any additional impact to the landscape. The new unit is not a permanent structure; it can be easily moved.

Operational Concerns: Because the refrigerator would need to be disconnected and removed before the new unit is fully installed and functional, the concessioner prefers installation during a seasonal shut down to avoid having to store the food and beverage inventory elsewhere. If it's necessary to install the new unit during operations, the concessioner would manage the inventory to maintain all food and sanitation requirements.
Scope of Work:
1. Procure and acquire new refrigerator/freezer, and place on site
2. Disconnect old refrigerator
3. Store food and beverage inventory elsewhere, if necessary
4. Remove lattice fencing that leans against refrigerator
5. Load old refrigerator onto trailer and remove
6. Discard refrigerator: resell as-is, recycle, or sell for scrap
7. Reset and level concrete piers, and add additional piers to fully support new unit
8. Install new unit on footings
9. Paint Wosky brown or Wawona green to blend into landscape.
10. Connect new unit to utility lines.
11. Replace lattice to screen view of the unit from visitor areas.