White Wolf Lodge Guest Accommodation Rehabilitation

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Accomplish the following cyclic maintenance actions on the White Wolf cabins prior to the 2010 opening season:

1. Install hand rails and rehabilitate guest bathrooms in duplex cabins 1-4
•Remove the plastic wainscoting around bathtubs and replace with traditional tub surrounds.
•Replace the wainscoting on the remaining bathroom walls with a 2-inch vinyl bead-board to match the wood bead-board in the bedrooms.
•Replace metal medicine cabinets, light fixtures, shower curtain rods, towel racks, shower, and tub fixtures.
•Place privacy film on the glass windows above bathtubs.
•Install low-flow plumbing fixtures in each unit; shower and lavatory fixtures would be limited to two gallons per minute, and toilets would be limited 1.6 gallons per foot.
•Install metal pipe hand rails to the two-step stairways on each unit.

2. Replace deteriorated brick tile in bedrooms in duplex cabins 1-4
•Remove brick veneer around the propane heaters and restore the grooved paneling that is expected to be underneath.
•If paneling is not restorable, replace with wood bead-board that matches the rest of the wall.

3. Replace deteriorating wood shower partitions in men's and women's shower house
•Remove wood partitions from the four shower stalls in both the men's and women's shower houses.
•Install new plastic partitions, retaining the same number of stalls.

4. Replace-in-kind the deteriorated wood doors on the storage spaces behind the dining room
•Remove the doors to the storage area and replace with newly-built doors
•Build doors with lumber of the same texture and dimensions (including thickness) of the existing doors and paint to match; hardware would be reused where possible.