Vogelsang High Sierra Camp Ecological Restoration Project

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Ecological restoration work to be completed at the Vogelsang High Sierra Camp. The following actions will be implemented:

1. Restore the area and improve surface drainage using hand tools (shovels would be used to loosen about six inches of soil). Rocks gathered from the site would be used to delineate the trails. Locally-gathered duff would be spread onto the restored area. In addition, the corral area will be restored which would include loosening the soil and covering tree roots (where the soil has been eroded) with natural materials.

2. Cover a 20 foot section with soil and small rock.

3. Extend the hitching rail for 16 feet at the proposed location which is presently used for camp operations (e.g. trash storage and loading/unloading stock).
The materials (metal rail and concrete for footings) would be transported during the routine seasonal opening. Mechanical equipment will not be used to either transport materials or install the hitching rail. The concrete bases from the old hitching rail will be removed and hauled out using stock.
The National Park Service Trails Department will identify and apply erosion controls inside camp. A Wilderness Minimum Requirement Assessment is attached.