Valley Loop Trail (from Lower Yosemite Falls to Church Bowl) Rehabilitation

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The project will rehabilitate part of the Valley Loop Trail in Yosemite Valley. The section of trail begins at Lower Yosemite Falls, ends at Church Bowl, and encompasses 4,325 linear feet; it is not in the Merced River Corridor. The trail was built in 1929 as a paved bridle path, six feet wide, which circled Yosemite Valley. After its initial completion, trail crews have continued to maintain the trail, doing repair work and repaving as necessary. Currently this section of trail is in need of rehabilitation. The original pavement has potholes, cracks, and has completely eroded in some spots.

The project proposes to restore this section of trail by removing all existing asphalt and transporting out of the park to a recycling plant, adding 6 inches of compacted base material, and placing 2 inches of decomposed granite with Sta-Lok Stabilizer, a nontoxic, nonstaining organic soil stabilizer as tread. Work will be performed by contact with park personnel supervision spring/summer of 2011. Existing rock and native soil will be used to contain the materials.

Benefits of the project include a defined smooth pathway, reduce informal trails, protection for sensitive resource areas and removal of failing asphalt material. The project will provide drainage improvements including measures to reduce erosion and turbidity from spring run off.

The finished project will complete 4,325 linear feet of trail that is six feet wide and totals 25,950 square feet of trail. The finished result of this project will create a more sustainable trail that will require minimal maintenance by the trails division, will protect natural resources, and will offer improved hiking tread and ease for park visitors.