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Fish Recovery - parkwide - Flood 2010

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The National Park Service and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources will undertake parkwide fish recovery to address fish entrapment within flooded sections of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park's canal. Due to the moderate to major flooding of the Potomac River and its tributaries March 12-17, 2010, the canal flooded and fish were washed into the canal. As flood waters receded, fish were left within the canal channel. While some sections of the canal are permanently watered, other sections are not permanently watered. Fish caught in typically unwatered areas, will be removed as soon as possible and returned to the Potomac River or its tributaries. Fish trapped within watered sections will be monitored for overcrowding, non-native species, or species that would not survive in shallow waters. These fish will be removed accordingly.

All work will be undertaken in accordance to Maryland Department of Natural Resource direction. A variety of methods will be used to recover the fish, to include, but not limited to netting and placing in containers for transportation to the river.

The park's natural resources staff will coordinate recovery efforts with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, who will lead the recovery work.

The park's Interdisciplinary Team reviewed the project for impacts to natural and cultural resources. The project does not pose any serious or long-term effects to the environmental, historical, cultural, archeological, or visual resources. It meets categorical exclusion #E.3 – Removal of park resident individuals of non-threatened/endangered species which pose a danger to visitors, threaten park resources or become a nuisance in areas surrounding a park, when such a removal is included in an approved resource management plan.

Upon review under the National Historic Preservation Act/Section 106 Programmatic Agreement, no historic properties will be affected.

Contact Information
For further information regarding this project, contact the Natural Resource Program Manager at 1850 Dual Highway, Suite 100, Hagerstown, MD 21740.