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The interim safety measure to require day-use permits on the Half Dome Trail requires that temporary signs be installed to inform hikers of the need for a permit to access Half Dome. Signs would be installed in the following locations:
1) Happy Isles - John Muir Trail Trailhead (developed)
2) Happy Isles - Stock Trail Trailhead at water tank (developed)
3) Glacier Point - Panorama Trailhead (developed)
4) Subdome along the Half Dome Trail - 1.5 miles from the intersection with the John Muir Trail and 0.5
miles from the summit of Half Dome (wilderness)
5) Sunrise Trailhead (developed)
6) Curry Village Campground Office Trailhead (developed)
7) Wilderness Parking Lot Trailhead (developed)
Existing signposts would be used wherever possible. Any new signposts would be made of wood or weathering steel. The 12″×9″ signs would read: "Hiking to Half Dome? Don't forget your permit! Permits needed Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and federal holidays." The signs would have a simple graphic with a brown or green background and would include the NPS arrowhead on a black banner.