Yosemite Valley Museum Fire Protection System Installation

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This project will install a new fire detection system with air sampling detectors and high pressure water mist suppression system throughout the entire Yosemite Museum Building as a replacement of the existing fire detection and suppression system. The current systems do not meet fire and life safety codes, have outlived their life expectancy, do not protect all space in the Museum Building, and create numerous false alarms. The Yosemite Museum is over 15,000 square feet in size and includes a lobby, museum with exhibits, collections storage, research library, rare book room, store, restrooms, administrative offices, break room, mechanical rooms, meeting room, and a covered outdoor office area.

This project will remove the current fire detection and non-operational halon suppression systems. Patching and repair of historic materials will be necessary where existing system components are removed or where demolition is necessary for new construction. A licensed contractor furnishing the services of a preservation specialist will install the new replacement system based on the design drawings and specifications. Almost all interior spaces will be protected including attic spaces. Piping and electrical conduit will be concealed where possible and for areas where concealment would damage historic material, piping and conduit will be installed in the least visually intrusive way. The park chose a high-pressure mist suppression system after careful study by park fire specialists, facility managers, and museum specialists because of its reliability and ability to suppress fires that are covered (such as under a table) and that would be difficult to extinguish with a traditional sprinkler system. In addition, mist systems use less water, minimizing damage to structures and artifacts.