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Confluence in Canyonlands National Park

Friendship Cruise-special use permit

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This is a permit request to hold the 49th Annual Friendship Cruise on Memorial Day weekend, on the Green and Colorado Rivers.

There will be Rescue boats at the Confluence, Slide and other locations to direct the boaters and provide assisstance as needed.

The permitte will have a gas depot at Mineral Canyon and Potash Boat Ramp as in the past.

The permittee is allowed to place ham radio operators at the Panarama Point backcountry campsite from May 21 through 25 (departing on the morning of May 25). The group will consist of two jeeps with two to four people. Vehicles will stay on designated roads.

This year because of the construction on the Colorado River Bridge, they will be getting off the river at Potash. (they usually take-out at the Moab boat ramp)

Contact Information

Heidi Wiley 435-719-2121