Badger Pass Ski Lodge Roof Replacement

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This project will replace the roof in-kind at the Badger Pass Ski Lodge in order to eliminate water infiltration and ponding until a permanent roof, that is consistent with the design for the comprehensive rehabilitation for the lodge, can be implemented. The proposed new roof will be a replacement in-kind roof system consisting of both composite shingles on pitched roofs and bituthene rolled roofing on flat roofs. The new roof will have a manufacturer's 30 year life expectancy, although at this elevation and climate, it has usually lasted approximately 15 years. Rain gutters will be repaired or replaced in-kind as part of this project and the internal gutter system will be removed once the roof is replaced. Select replacement of wood decking and structure work will be performed where wood sheathing or supports are discovered to be in rotted or poor condition. The work will not affect the exterior elevation of the ski lodge.