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Fort Washington Ravine Environmental Assessment

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Fort Washington Park is located in Fort Washington, Maryland approximately 10 miles south of Washington, D.C. and 2 miles west of Maryland Route 210 (MD 210) (Figure 1). The Area C ravine is located entirely within the boundaries of Fort Washington Park between the Area B and Area C picnic areas (Figure 2). The ravine is the single drainage point for an approximately 8-acre area that includes paved surfaces such as internal park circulation roads, a parking lot and basketball court, as well as trees and areas of maintained turf lawn. Runoff from the Area C ravine is discharged to Piscataway Creek and, ultimately, the Potomac River. Measuring approximately 80 feet wide by 200 feet long by 60 feet deep, the ravine has experienced severe erosion over the last several years due to the volume and energy of stormwater generated within the drainage area. Without the proposed stabilization measures, it is anticipated that the erosion of the ravine will continue into upslope areas and eventually undermine visitor facilities such as the basketball court and a picnic shelter, which could adversely affect visitor use and safety.