Replace Bulkhead at Ribault Monument

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The park proposes to replace the existing 300 feet long wooden bulkhead along St. Johns Creek located below Ribault Column. In addition, we plan to extend the bulkhead 200 feet more and tie into an existing private bulkhead in order to halt the erosion of the bluff face. The attached Environmental Assessment recommends driving a new 500 feet long sheet pile bulkhead and leaving the old wooden bulkhead in place. Access for construction equipment would be from Buck Island. Due to weight restrictions on the Buck Island Bridge, the equipment would arrive via barge.

On October 26, 2010, The Regional Director approved the Finding of No Significant Impact for the Ribault Monument Shoreline and Embankment Stabilization project. The preferred alternative, Alternative 4 in the EA was found to be the environmentally preferred alternative as it best balances the needs of the project with protection of the cultural and natural resources of the Preserve.

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