Ahwahnee Hotel Tresidder Suite Redesign

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The concessioner has acquired professional interior design services for redecorating the The Ahwahnee's 6th Floor. This project proposes to replace the carpet, tile, furnishings, lighting, upholstery, paint, and wallpaper in the Tressider Suite. The interior designers' intention is to honor the Tressider's with high quality, American-made furnishings and accessories that have a rich, warm and earthy color palette emphasizing a 1920s Colonial Williamsburg style. Reserved property would not be affected by this project.

Project Background: During extensive research at The Yosemite Research Library, the interior designers discovered the original furnishing style used to decorate the 6th floor when it was Don and Mary Curry Tressider's private apartment (1928-1970). Archival photographs that date to the Period of Significance (1927-1943) show that Colonial Willamsburg style was the Tressider's decorating taste.

Special Considerations: The 6th Floor would be unavailable for overnight accommodations for approximately two weeks. Guests may book comparable rooms elsewhere at The Ahwahnee.

Operational Concerns: Redecoration would have minimal impact on visitors. Work would occur during non-quiet daytime hours. Work is not expected to cause adverse noise in the hotel. The service elevator would be used to bring furniture and supplies to the 6th floor. Existing furnishings would be stored at the hotel or redistributed to other units in Yosemite.