Wawona Thomas Hill Studio Fountain Rehabilitation

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This project would rehabilitate the non-functioning and decorative fountain in front of the Thomas Hill Studio. Research by the Yosemite National Park Historical, Architecture and Landscape Branch found that the fountain was a reflecting pool (standing water with no fountain), so it would be rehabilitated to its historical appearance and function.
The skills of park staff would be used in the design/build approach to the project. Engineering for a sustainable approach to water conservation has been completed. Plans include the integration of water conservation features such as recycling and filtering to reduce water consumption.
Scope of Work

Repair, replace or upgrade the existing waterworks components (including subsurface plumbing, backflow prevention, the pump, the pressure pipe, and the fountain nozzle).

Rehabilitate the concrete fountain basin.

Dig a 20-foot-long by 12-inch-wide by 24-inch-deep trench from Hill's Studio to the fountain to replace the water line that supplies water to the fountain.

Provide archeological monitoring during excavation.

Repair concrete masonry following appropriate historic preservation techniques per Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.